World Curling Federation

There are other meanings for this term, see WCF. There are other meanings for this term, see ICF.

World Curling Federation (WCF) is the governing body of world curling. Until 1991 it was known as the International Curling Federation (ICF). Headquarters is located in Perth (UK/Scotland). It unites 67 national associations (as of 2021). The president of WCF is Kate Kateness (UK/Scotland)

History and Aims

The WCF’s stated mission is: “The World Curling Federation represents curling at the international level and promotes the growth of the sport through a network of national federations”. The aims and objectives of WCF are:

  • To represent curling internationally and promote the growth of the sport worldwide;
  • To develop cooperation and understanding between the members of the Association and unite curling worldwide;
  • To protect and promote the interests of world curling;
  • Organise and manage curling competitions;
  • Formulate the rules of curling for world competitions and all other competitions approved by the WCF.

WCF structure

The supreme body of the World Curling Federation is the World Congress, held annually. All national federations, members of the WCF, are invited to participate in the Congress.

To solve the tasks, determined by the Congress for the WCF, as well as the statutory requirements, the Congress delegates elect the Executive Committee, which implements the Congress decisions and organizes the daily WCF activities. It is chaired by the President of the World Curling Federation, elected by Congress.

WCF has two continental federations, which are the structural subdivisions of WCF. They are WCF authorized representatives in their geographical zones. National federations are at the same time members of the WCF and their regional confederations.

The list of the regional federations is as follows:

  • European Curling Federation (ECF) – Europe;
  • Pacific-Asia Curling Federation (PACF) – Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania.
  • National associations of the Americas are directly affiliated to the WCF.

WCF executive committee

Kate Kateness

Kate Kateness
president of WCF

Bent Rumsfjell

Bent Rumsfjell
Vice president of WCF

Graham Pruss

Graham Pruss
Vice president of WCF

Hugh Millikin

Hugh Millikin
Vice President of WCF

Colin Gramslow

Colin Gramslow
WCF general secretary

Official competitions

As part of its activities the World Curling Federation is responsible for the following tournaments:

  • Olympic Curling Tournaments – once every 4 years
  • World Championships for National Teams – every year
  • World Youth National Team Championships every year.
  • World Team Mixed Team Championships – yearly
  • World Veteran Championships – annual
  • World Mixed Team Championships – yearly.
  • Wheelchair Curling World Championships – annual except for Paralympic Games years.
  • World Curling Cup – annualyear